There are endless options to stay and make your weekend enjoyable. Here's a suggested plan to make sure your trip is successful.

January-March: Promote

  • Start promoting at your church, group, or community, its simply never too early to get started. Promo material can be found HERE to help get the word out. A few simple and easy methods:

      1. The Church: Have the pastor of the church play the promo video during service, and speak about AdventureFest. Guys want to know the Pastor supports the effort. Its always helpful to have someone who has attended share a brief testimony. Place a signup sheet in the lobby and get guys to sign up and pay. Once they pay, they will attend. Guys are cheap, and want to get their money's worth.

      2. Your group: Share testimony and get commitment, and payment early. Then start planning.

April: Gather and Plan

  • Once you have your group, hold a planning meeting with the attendees.

    • How will you get there? Car pooling, taking the church van, riding motorcycles, or are you flying first class?

    • Assign some tasks - cooking, cleaning, setting up camp, driver, etc.

  • Will you be staying in an RV? We have electric hookups and a dumping station on site.

  • Tent Camping - tailgate style with electric hookup, or primitive remote in the woods on the side of the mountain.

  • Onsite Hotel - this is an additional cost but well worth it if you don't like to camp. The rooms are $60 per night, and have 4 twin beds, and a full/bath shower. This is essentially $15 per night per guy for a bed and a warm shower. That's pretty affordable.

May-June: Figure out the Bacon

  • Hotdogs and hamburgers, or lobster and steak? Or just bacon? Cheese is considered a vegetable at AFEST.

  • Figure out what your budget is for food. Have each guy kick on it ($20 each is a hotdog budget, double that for something better).

  • Assign someone or a couple people to do the shopping.

  • Assign someone to do the cookin' and cleanin'.

  • Don't forget to bring a lot of fluids and coolers.

  • Grills are helpful.

  • There will be an onsite camp store which will have sundries and ICE for an additional cost.

June: Road-trip

  • Hit the road early to get a jump on the weekend. The gate opens at 8 am.

  • Don't forget to bring your registration tickets, or group registration and cash.

Agape Map

Below is a basic map of the general camping area, however there are endless areas off this map to find something remote or private. The options are endless.

Main Grounds Map


Do we have to bring all of our own food?

Yes, you will need to bring all of your own food. This allows you to eat surf and turf, or hotdogs if you need to do it on the cheap. Plus, we don't have the refrigerator sizes to accommodate feeding this many men.

Do I need to bring all of my own camping gear?

You will need to bring all of your own gear - camping, fishing, biking, etc.

Is my registration transferable?

Yes, but they will need to have your registration ticket

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes, just like any other event in this world.

What is the refund policy?

Once you pay at the door, if you decide to leave early that's on you. Consider it a donation.

Can I bring my kids who are 13-17 years old?

NO - all attendees need to be 18 or older. The PA guidelines for sleepovers with kids and adults are too challenging to overcome.

Do I need a fishing license if I want to fish?

Not if you are fishing in the little lake at Agape Farm. Yes there are lots of little fish in there!

If you are fishing in Raystown Lake or any other public water you will need a current PA license.

Should I bring firewood?

We will be selling generous $10 bundles. Bring your own or scour the woods at Agape.

Can I bring some beers or weed?

NO. if we find these items on you we will escort you off the premise. Even if you have a medical marijuana card you are not allowed to smoke weed on premise.

Is my dog allowed?

Due to the liability and insurance requirements pets are not allowed.

I have a medical need for electricity, how do I reserve a site.

Call 412.515.0916. Medical needs come first all others can make do.

Can I get a shower over the course of the weekend?

Yes, there are plenty of showers and toilets available.

Can I bring a gun?

We are unable to shoot guns on Agape Farm property at this time. But, there is a local skeet shooting place nearby.