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About Afest:

AdventureFest is an event hosted by AdventureMen Ministries (non-profit 501c3) that first began in 2012, and is an annual multi-church, non-denominational men’s ministry camping (tailgate style) weekend at Agape Farm near Raystown Lake. With over 285 secluded acres of woods and field, there is more than enough room to get our "Adventureman" on! Bring the RV, tent, or rent a cheap room in our onsite hotel. The choice is yours.

It’s not a retreat, it’s not a conference, it’s more like a weekend away with the guys spent outside with good food, big campfires, worship, preacher/speakers, and lots of fun and adrenaline, or rest if that's what you need the most - the choice is yours.

AdventureFest is very different from other men's retreats. For starters its not climate controlled and comfortable like a couch. Its more like a camp chair next to the fire pit. We also don't "speak at you" all weekend and tell you what you're doing wrong or what you can't do. We encourage you by telling you what you CAN do through Jesus. We also give you an opportunity to speak. Yep, that's right we want to hear from you. We have countless opportunities for you to share your testimony, encouraging word, sing a song, or just laugh and hoot n holler. Additionally, we give you all day to do whatever you want then when you’re whooped and ready to settle down for the evening we eat, sing praise, and hear stories from ordinary guys doing extraordinary things. It's not just a bunch of country boys out in a field...we are a blended group of different generations and races coming together to worship Jesus.

We have lots of fun over the course of the weekend, but most importantly we draw closer to God and come home better men. Its really something that you need to experience to fully appreciate.

AdventureFest is an event sponsored by AdventureMen.