Mini Bikes at AdventureFest

What you can ride at AdventureFest

  • Mini bikes-No cc limit (cvt or centrifugal clutch)

  • Mini motorcycles and scooters- 200cc limit

  • ATVs 125cc limit

  • No race quads/atv/utv

  • Dirt bikes- 100cc limit


  • Proof of insurance shall be shown at entry at registration table. No insurance, no riding!

  • Vehicles shall only be used on designated areas or trails. *NOTE: There will be a designated NO RIDING zone in front of the general store. No warnings will be given in this area. (OBEY THIS AT ALL TIMES.)

  • 10mph max speed in camping areas or near people. No excessive speed!

  • Proper footwear, gloves and helmets are required. No open toe shoes!

  • This is meant to be a fun and safe activity!

*We reserve the right to refuse riders for bad behavior or anything deemed unsafe!